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Kayne West Gossip: 5 of His Craziest Moments

Kayne West Gossip: 5 of His Craziest Moments

It’s no secret that Kayne West is a figure unlike any other, and the star has got himself into a whole host of controversial situations over the years.

Below, we’ve put together five of Kayne West’s craziest moments over the years - be prepared to raise your eyebrows in 3, 2, 1…  

Taylor Swift at the VMAs

Perhaps one of Kayne’s biggest faux pas was in 2009 when he interrupted Taylor Swift, who was accepting the Best Female Video gong at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Kayne jumped on the stage during the acceptance speech, telling the world: "I'm sorry, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!"

Sure, even if she did, you don’t interrupt someone when it is their time to shine. Taylor and Kayne have had some beef since after Kayne included her in one of his 2016 singles and music videos. Taylor said she didn’t give Kayne permission to use a likeness of her in the track, but Kim Kardashian chimed in with video evidence.


Twitter Impersonation

Kayne West’s Twitter account is now as famous as he is, but back in 2009, the rapper didn’t have a presence on the platform. "I DON'T HAVE A F___ING TWITTER," he wrote in all caps ... on his blog. "HEY TWITTER, TAKE THE SO CALLED KANYE WEST TWITTER DOWN NOW ... WHY? ... BECAUSE MY CAPS LOCK KEY IS LOUD!!!!!!!!!" Okay, Kayne, we get you. You don’t have a Twitter account and you don’t need to shout. Calm it down!

Hurricane Katrina Benefit Concert

During the Hurricane Katrina benefit concert, Kayne West appeared to pledge his support and encourage others to donate.

But the truth is, Kayne wanted to make the event about himself and used the spotlight to rip into then-president George W. Bush. George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” he said on the live television broadcast. You only have to look at Chris Tucker’s and Mike Meyers’ faces to see how that went down at the studio….


Disabled Concertgoers

In 2015, Kayne West asked concertgoers in Sydney, Australia to get to their feet for his performance, and whilst that was fine for the majority, it wasn’t so easy for his disabled fans. Kayne went on to make snide remarks about one concertgoer who was in a wheelchair and put a damper on the whole evening.

West later responded to criticism, telling an audience at a different show "They've got this thing where they want the masses, the people who've never even heard one of my albums, to somehow read a headline that reads negative and to think that I'm a bad person. But the thing is ... I'm a married Christian man with a family,"

Kayne/Drake Feud

At the end of 2018, Drake made an indirect request to get permission for sample clearance of 2009’s “Say What’s Real,” which flipped West’s “Say You Will”, but Kayne was having none of it.

In one of his most public and shocking rants to date, Kayne called out Drake on the social network, tweeting “Been trying to meet with you for 6 months bro” and “You stay too close to be playing all these industry games, bro”.

It seems like the pair sorted out their issues away from Twitter, with Kayne later tweeting “Drake finally called” but adding that he didn’t give clearance on the track being used. Oh well, you win some, you lose some!

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