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Jaw-Dropping Celeb Gossip Stories That Changed Hollywood

Jaw-Dropping Celeb Gossip Stories That Changed Hollywood

Every now and then, a celebrity gossip story hits so hard that it changes the industry forever, and there have been countless occasions when singers, movie stars and TV personalities have made headline news. Below, we’ve put together some of the most jaw-dropping stories from pop culture history…

Marvin Gaye Murdered

One of the most legendary soul singers, known as the Prince of Motown, had a fatal ending in the 1980s - at the hands of his own father. Gaye’s abusive dad shot and killed the star in his family home, with Gaye’s brother telling the world’s media that Marvin’s last words were "I got what I wanted...I couldn’t do it myself, so I made him do it." A truly chilling account and one of the most shocking celebrity gossip stories of our time. Marvin’s music will never die.

Hugh Grant Caught Short

Occasionally, a movie star will do something so awkward or embarrassing that it will never leave them - and Hugh Grant, star of the Bridget Jones movies, Love Actually, and Four Weddings and a Funeral was caught with a sex worker on the Sunset Strip. He was arrested for his “lewd public conduct”. The most awkward thing of all? Grant was dating Elizabeth Hurley at the time, so the public humiliation of the story was only made worse. Hurley called it a day with Hugh a few years later, but he’ll never be able to live the prostitution story down.


R. Kelly Arrested

Kelly has returned to the headlines in recent months following a new documentary series, but in 2002 the singer was arrested and indicted on 21 counts of child pornography. At the time, a video of Kelly emerged, showing him urinating on an underage woman. He, naturally, pleaded not guilty, but his career was never the same again. Maybe 2019’s new revelations will stop the singer from appearing in the charts again? Only time will tell... 

Britney Spears Shaves Head

Britney had a tough year in 2007 and shaved off her hair in a mad range. After she beat up a paparazzi’s car with an umbrella, she headed to a hairdresser, who shaved off her locks. It’s good to see Britney fighting fit once more, although the "If Britney can make it through 2007, then I can make it through today” meme is something that will live with the singer forever.

MJ Death

The chances are that you remember exactly where you were when you heard the news of Michael Jackson’s death. It was one of the biggest celebrity stories of the decade and went on to become a bitter legal battle with MJ’s family and his personal doctor, Conrad Murray. He went on to spend two years in jail for ‘involuntary manslaughter’, and Michael’s legacy will live on for generations to come. He was the King of Pop - an irreplaceable music icon.

Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault

More recently, another celebrity gossip story became front-page news. Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual assault and harassment, sparking the #MeToo movement with hundreds of (mainly) female celebrities coming forward to tell the world about their own sexual abuse. Weinstein eventually handed himself in, and several other high-profile movie and TV personalities were also exposed as sexual predators. The Weinstein case rightfully sparked change in Hollywood - no man should be able to abuse his power in the industry.

Which story was the most shocking to you? Do you remember another piece of celebrity gossip that changed your viewpoint?

We’d love to hear from you - and we’ll be sure to feature your suggestions in a future article. Make sure you check back to Gossip Socks on a regular basis, as we’re fast-becoming the number-one spot for celebrity gossip stories.