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Tibetan Dhyana™ Bowl

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Turn on the volume and LISTEN to the sounds of our bowls by size:


Peace has a sound, and you can hear it inside the Tibetan Dhyana™ Bowl.

Handmade by Nepalese craftsmen, this set includes 7 bowls, each of a different size. Each bowl features a hand-made construction with a body crafted from a single piece of solid metal with a hand-hammered exterior and natural finish. A base pillow and striking mallet is included with each order.

The tradition behind bowls like the Tibetan Dhyana™ Bowl go back thousands of years. Today you see them used all over the world by meditation experts, healers, and practitioners of Zen Buddhism. Their power to heal the mind and body is potent and available to everyone.

Our bowls are excellent additions to any space, and they offer a variety of benefits that can add to quality of your life.

    • Meditation Aid – Allow the long, sonorous tones to focus your meditations and push away the noise of the outside world.

    • Promote Relaxation – Deep breathing and the calming tones of a singing Dhyana bowl can help anyone relax, without training or special equipment.

    • Assist in Balancing Your Chakras – Healers find that the harmonic tones of the bowls can aid in healing by unblocking and balancing the chakras.

    • Aid the Immune System – Vibrations are another type of energy flow, and holistic healers find that these vibrations can help restore the flow of energy that allows your body to heal itself.

    • Improve Blood Flow & CirculationAn American Journal of Health study found that 12-minute sessions with a singing bowl reduced blood pressure and heart rate greater than simple meditation.  


We have a set of 7 bowls, each crafted by hand. Because they are formed by craftsmen in the traditional method, no two bowls are exactly alike. The dimensions and tone may vary slightly, but here is a close approximation of their dimensions:

  • 8cm Bowl Dimensions: 8-diameter x 4.5H cm.; Turning tone - A ; Striking tone – F3

  • 8.5cm Bowl Dimensions: 8.5-diameter x 5H cm.; Turning tone – A5; Striking tone – A3

  • 9.5cm Bowl Dimensions: 9.5-diameter x 5.5H cm.; Turning tone – E3; Striking tone – E3

  • 11cm Bowl Dimensions: 11-diameter x 5H cm.; Turning tone – E5; Striking tone – F2

  • 12.5cm Bowl Dimensions: 12.5-diameter x 7H cm.; Turning tone – C5; Striking tone – E4

  • 15cm Bowl Dimensions: 15-diameter x 8.5H cm.; Turning tone – E4; Striking tone – F2 

  • 17.5cm Bowl Dimensions: 17.5-diameter – 9.5H cm.; Turning tone – E4; Striking tone – F1




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