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Jelly Stamper

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Get your nail art perfect every time with the amazing nail stamp set!

    • Free stencil included
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    How to Use

    1. Apply base coat and allow to dry
    2. Apply color coat and allow to dry
    3. Apply nail polish to your stencil and scrape the paint downward filling the stencil with the polish
    4. Press your nail stamper down in the center of the painted stencil
    5. Press down on your nail transferring the nail polish of the stencil onto your nail
    6. Carefully clean the excess paint from the stamper around your nail with a brush and nail polish remover
    7. Apply a top coat of clear nail polish

    Each stencil comes with a thin and transparent protective film, make sure to remove the film before using it so that the nail polish can be correctly transferred by the stamper.

    How to Clean

    1. Wash the clear head with warm soapy water (dish washing soap is best).
    2. Do not use acetone or nail polish remove to clean
    3. Do not excessively clean using nail polish remover or acetone as this may damage or fog the nail stamper head.
    Package included 
    1 x Jelly Stamper+Gift 2pcs Plate (pattern randomly send)
    1x Designer Plate A
    1x Designer Plate B
    STAMP SET (Stamper + Plate A + Plate B + 2 Free Plates)


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